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Maggie Galton (born in 1970, in New York City) is an art historian turned designer / product developer and founder of her own artisanal line. A native New Yorker who now calls Mexico her home, Maggie works with artisans in indigenous and mestizo communities throughout Mexico to revive dying craft traditions and develop new products that strike a balance between modernity and tradition. By employing native designs and techniques in new and innovative ways, she aims to create products adapted to today’s consumer needs and tastes. Her line reflects a contemporary, sophisticated and cosmopolitan style that accents the beauty and individuality of hand-crafted products.

Maggie Galton’s work represents her desire to:

  • Build opportunities for Mexican artisans to build profitable businesses modeled on traditional craft techniques
    and ecologically respectful practices
  • Promote sustainable growth and favorable work conditions for the artisans
  • Create community well being

Her design work for the past 13 years has evolved out of a desire to encourage newer generations of Mexicans as well as foreigners to be proud of the beauty and meaning behind the nation’s popular craft and artisanal traditions and to incorporate them into their daily lives and practices.  By creating new designs that draw on these traditions but that are adapted to contemporary needs and tastes, she hopes to inspire people to consume local products and not look uniquely beyond borders for such design products.